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O, thou gods above in Heaven assembled,
with Apollo, master of poesy,
and sisters nine, lend aid
to my faltering pen!
And may generous Demeter,
that blesseth all growth,
be pleased with my humble song!

For how shalt I sing the praises
of that perfect wonder,
the blue corn chip?
Or how shalt I describe
the admiration that stealeth
so subtly into mine heart
when I do behold its inky form?

For that I must first praise the corn:
blessed grain, fruit of Demeter,
gift of the Americas;
Thou grain! Which normally standeth
row upon row in golden glory.
Thou grain! Which feedeth millions,
animal and human alike.
Thou grain! Which, being duly processeth,
giveth ethanol to fuel the engines of the world.
How, then, in the mists of time,
didst thou come to lose thy customary hue?
What genius didst possess thee
to change the bright gleams of Helios
for Nox’s midnight hue?
What wonder must the first man have felt
that saw the first blue corn ear?
This strange permutation of the so-familiar food?
How eagerly he grasped thee!
How carefully saved the seed!
How anxiously watched the next planting
hoping to see the strain renewed!
And oh, the joy to see the seedlings,
grown tall and strong,
bearing their own strange indigo fruit.
Well he knew to what purpose he would put it!

For that I must now praise the corn tortilla:
Plump, ripe ears grown ripe with Earth’s bounty,
Oh ears! Which, man wantonly strippeth of their kernels.
Oh, kernels! Which, dried and ground, produceth flour.
Oh flour! Which, mixed with water and salt,
and shapéd into round discs,
cooketh on a hot surface,
to become the tortilla.
Thou bread! Manna, not of Heaven
but of Earth!
Thou soft, flat, round circle!
Thou versatile holder of fillings
too numerous to mention!
The burrito, the chimichanga,
the tostada, the enchilada,
the simple taco,
are all fruits of thee!
All hail thou, most humble
yet most great!
And, when divided into triangular sections,
Behold! Thou becometh the tortilla chip!

For that I must now praise the chip:
Thou singular intersection of form and function!
Thou perfect paragon of Pythagorean principles!
Thou staunch supporter of salsa
and upholder of queso!
Oh my Muse!
When I do think upon
the crispiness and mealyness of thy texture!
When I do meditate upon the slight amount of oil,
which giveth such a pleasant mouthfeel to each bite
and a slight amount of umaminess
to thy flavor!
When I do peruse the saltiness,
the subtle sweetness of thee,
unadornéd of toppings!
And, withal, clothéd in majesty,
with queso, chili, and jalepeno,
thou appeareth in grand state
as the glorious nacho!

Finally, O my Muse!
Do not desert me now!
For that I may now sing the praises
of that perfect triangular form,
of that perfect tortilla flavor,
of that perfect grain of grains,
of that perfect blueness of blueness,
the blue tortilla chip!
Hail, O hail!
Thou goddess among mortals!
Thou beautiful beyond beautiful!
Thou divine food!
Hail, O hail!
Child of Earth,
color of Heaven,
wonder of wonders,
thou blue tortilla chip!
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Update to:

The second time around I added the nopales, drained, chopped the jalapenos a little finer, and sauteed the turkey with the onions, garlic, and cumin beforehand. I think we both agree that that made it perfect. Still very liquid, so we're turning it into a chili recipe, but oh well. It's good and that's what matters.
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Came up with this one the other day and it came out wonderfully. I think I managed to hit the intersection of easy, tasty, healthy, and versatile on this one.

1.5 lbs ground meat (I used turkey)
3-4 tomatillos, chopped
2-4 jalepenos, chopped
1 onion, chopped,
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 15 oz jar nopales
1 12 oz jar roasted red peppers
1 8 oz can tomato sauce, no salt added
2-3 tbsp cumin

Brown the meat in a little vegetable oil w/the onions & garlic. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook until done. Easy, no?

Here's where it's versatile:

I envisaged this as a filling for whole wheat tortillas. If you want to do that, it needs to be drier, so you would drain the jarred ingredients and omit the tomato sauce.

OTOH, you can make this wetter and serve it as a chili over rice. In this case, you would add the liquid from the jars and the tomato sauce.

I envisaged this as a crockpot recipe, something that can cook all day. In this case, you would brown the meat & chop the veggies the evening before, then put it in the crockpot in the morning on low heat for 8 hrs. Since the crockpot has a lid on it, the recipe will be wetter.

OTOH, it could be done in a dutch oven on the stovetop, which will make it drier.

Either way, it turned out suprisingly umami for a ground turkey recipe which means you could use pretty much any meat and it would turn out good.
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Today I found time to do something I haven't done in a while: make up a recipe.

Peanut Crusted Chicken:

Chop peanuts coarsely. Trim four boneless, skinless, chicken breasts. Coat with peanuts. Bake at 350 F for ~20 min or until done.

Thai Sauce:

In a small saucepan combine minced garlic, ginger (fresh grated or paste), lemongrass, dried arbol chilies (crushed red pepper flakes would also work), chopped raisins, crushed cardamom pods (1 black; 3 green), cinnamon, curry powder, coriander, and a dab of honey with 1 can coconut milk. Heat on low until simmering, turn off heat and let sit for ~45 min. Sieve out solid bits. Return to heat to warm for serving.

Served with brown rice and steamed veggies.

Car Update

Aug. 15th, 2010 04:13 pm
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It's offical; I'm naming my car Haku. May not be original, but it works:
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Just became the proud owner of a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Now it must be named.
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Today, at approximately 5:30 pm CDT, Joanna took her first steps!
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One year ago she was born. How short a time has passed and yet how profound the changes. Happy 1st Birthday, Joanna! I love you.
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Today I went into Joanna's room for something, and as is typical, she started crawling after me down the hallway. Before she got to me, I turned around and went back. She passed me and crawled into her room, then swung the door closed between us (without latching it) and started to cry. I called [profile] hoya99 and explained the situation. He gently opened the door and asked her "Was that really a good idea, sweetie pie?" Joanna smiled up at him, then crawled over to the door, swung it closed (this time latching it in the process) and *immediately* burst into tears again! We couldn't help but laugh. What a silly girl!
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Just wanted to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father's Day, with special love going out to my own Dad and, of course, to [profile] hoya99, who celebrates his first Father's Day today!!!


Jun. 7th, 2010 08:45 am
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Hubby: Home from school and ecstatically happy to be so.

Baby: Starting to stand on her own. Pointing at things and saying "Cha?" (Which I translate as "What's that?"). First official word: Dada. Generally getting into trouble whenever she can. 11 months old!!!! WTF?

Me: Interview today (4 pm) including 15 min mini-lesson. Working frantically.

Couldn't be happier.

Edit: Update on the update:

Interview over. Thought it went well. Should hear from them by the end of the week.
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Even though some of this article goes over my head, I can tell you from what I do know that this is Pretty Damn Cool Science.
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If I (and [profile] hoya99, and the kidlet) were to happen to be in the D.C. area sometime around the 26th or 27th of July, would there be an interest in a DFS to meet the little one and confab? It would have to be something on the smallish side since we would be coming off of a lot of family meet-and-greet stuff, but I can't imagine being in the vicinity and not trying to hook up somehow.

Would anyone wish to take this on?

Busy week

May. 14th, 2010 11:09 am
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Had a great first Mother's Day, which included strawberry shortcake.

Finished the semester.

Had a great 3rd anniversary.

Looking forward to a birthday tomorrow.

Celebrating all three tonight. Parents are coming to watch the little one.

Only cloud in the sky is [profile] hoya99's head bump. Yesterday, while refereeing the tug-of-war at the school's field day, the kids pulled too early and knocked him off his feet. He's been evaluated and it doesn't look like a concussion, but he is stiff and sore. Poor sweetie.
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I don't particularly remember what I was doing on this day. I was about seven and a half months pregnant, finishing up my teaching duties for the semester, and I do remember wanting them to be over as soon as possible. I remember starting to feel the energy drain and I wanted to be able to spend my time getting ready for the baby. I was looking forward to the baby shower and, after that, wanted to get the remaining furniture and items ordered, shipped, and assembled asap.

I remember Carinos was having a Mother's Day special and the waiter let us take advantage of it even though the little one was still on her way.

I do remember thinking something along the lines of "Holy crap, by this time next year I'll be a mom!" It all seemed so dim and far away; I couldn't picture it at all. I didn't even know if we were having a boy or girl, much less all the rest of it.

A little over a month later, Joanna came out from her hiding spot.

Today she's a fast-moving 10-month-old whose goal in life seems to be to get into anything and everything she shouldn't and look cute while doing it. A vocal infant who either babbles happily while she's exploring or protests vehemently (and loudly!) when she's told "No". A status-climber, driven to pull herself up and onto every piece of furniture in reach.

Between the blood, pain, and exhaustion of the early days and the harried, taxing, and never-ending chase of the now, you might well say I've become a mom.

Not that that means I can rest on my laurels. How well I know it's always going to be a process.

But if being a mom means knowing that a rustling in a certain part of the room means the baby has gotten into the books (again!) or that her sudden cessation of ear-piercing screams means that she's found something interesting (and probably prohibited) to play with, I'm a mom. If being a mom means breastfeeding at all hours, home-made purees and carefully diced finger foods, I'm a mom. If being a mom means changing the umpteenth diaper and being more concerned about the state of the poop (softer, more mushy, means she's not constipated anymore compared to last week's pellets) than its smell (usually awful), I'm a mom. If being a mom means saying "No" for the millionth time and pulling her away from the books, or DVDs, or shoes, or...., I'm a mom. If being a mom means cleaning the bug she somehow managed to find on my otherwise clean carpet out of her mouth and then later, allowing her to nurse with that same mouth, I'm a mom.

Just the first year. Not even the first year. I would love to have my free time, energy, and sanity back again (not to mention my hearing!). But I can't imagine life without her. I couldn't give her up.

When she is sweet, she is so very sweet and loveable. And still so fragile and vulnerable, despite all her accomplishments. And so very by-God cute.

Let the race continue. Onward and upward!
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Scene: A Texas farmhouse; noon; [profile] hoya99 is serving himself dessert:

[profile] hoya99: "This last piece of apple pie is thoughtfully pre-cut."
Dad: "Here's a pie server if you want it."
Mom: "I have multiple pie servers. Multiple."
[profile] hoya99: "I like the existence of multiple pie servers. This suggests the existence of multiple pies."
Me: "However, multiplying by pi is a dangerous proposition."
[profile] hoya99: "It is certainly an uncertain propositon."
The baby: [Nom-nom-nom. Oishii pai pai][1]

[1] Pai pai being Japanese baby talk for breastmilk.
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Video of a trip into orbit aboard the U2:

Video analysis of Apollo 11's launch from a camera on the mobile launch pad:


Apr. 27th, 2010 08:20 am
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Husband: Recovered from flu, pneumonia, and pine pollen, in that order. Has an interview for a closer teaching job first week in May. Job also pays more. Crossing fingers.

Baby: 10 months and starting to feed herself. Has 3 teeth and 2 more coming in. Starting to cruise the furniture. Beginning to respond to "no". Beginning to throw tantrums but can be so sweet at times.

Me: Finishing up the last of the semester. Have herb garden planted, am growing garlic this year. Put in application for full-time position at KC; would double income if I got it but require daycare for baby. Still, could really use extra income. Dying to get started on embroidery project I have in mind.

Family: Going to be going to family reunion (my dad's side) in Baltimore this summer. Side trip to Boston/Providence planned. Am very *VERY excited.
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What's been happening the past month or so:

Week #1: Husband seriously sick with the flu.
Week #2: Husband recovering from the flu. Attempting to clean the apartment for impending in-law visit.
Week #3: Husband seriously sick with pneumonia, including an overnight ER visit. Still cleaning the apartment.
Week #4: Spring Break. Husband recovering from pneumonia. In-laws visiting. Baby crawls for the first time.

It is now the end of week #5, both of us back at work. Baby is now teething for the first time (two teeth at once, no less!).

For some strange reason, I have not been sleeping well and been very, very tired lately. I wonder why.

In the good news department, at least Joanna didn't get sick.

Back to work.


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