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Had the beginning of what looked to be a very interesting dream the other morning, which was spoiled, alas, by the alarm clock insisting that I get up.

I was looking at what had been a very stormy, cloudy sky, but it was clearing up and you could see sky underneath the clouds. Also, the sun was behind me so everything was in this beautiful light. I was looking at a mountain range just below the bank of clouds, with rolling hills between me and them. There were scattered trees and scrub. There was a man on a bay horse riding into the hills. He looked a bit like Tom Selleck. Maybe it was this that made me think that the scenery was Australia, but I wasn't sure (now I think it might be New Zealand). Anyway, as he was riding towards the hills, you could see one "mountain" that looked strange. Its peak had a much smaller angle than what you think of for a mountain and it was much more conical. As my POV got closer, I could see that it wasn't a mountain but the spire of some sort of church, that just happened to be the same grey stone as the mountains and blended in with them. Then my POV started to back out at the same time the man went over the rise and I could see part of the rest of the church, including what looked like a barrel vault made of more grey stone. The strange thing was there was a goat standing on a part of the roof.

And then I woke up. I want to know who that guy was, where he was, and what the goat was doing on the roof, dammit!

Heard a cardinal out my window the other day singing its mating song. It's way too early for them to be thinking about nesting (we almost certainly have some more hard freezes coming that would kill any eggs), but with all the unseasonably warm weather we've been having, I'm not surprised. I do wonder if this will be more prevalent as the climate warms up and it worries me a little.
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Had a weird dream last night where I was on the Enterprise when a spaceship came out of nowhere and asked for an away team to beam aboard. Apparently it was some sort of First Contact situation so Picard, Worf, Geordi, and some redshirts beamed over. Turned out the ship was run entirely by pirates (ala Pirates of the Caribbean) and they somehow brainwashed the away team (including Picard) into thinking they were pirates too and should start taking on the Federation. But first, of course, they had to take over the Enterprise. Meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise was trying to get their captain et al back aboard and back to normal.

Too bad TNG has been off the air for years...
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Just woke up from a dream in which I was staying at the Bates Motel.

And [profile] hoya99 was Norman Bates.

And I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid that if I did he would turn into Mother and try to stab me or cut my throat or something. He seemed to be aware of this, too, so we were both trying to figure out a way to keep it from happening.

Apparently we couldn't just leave but had to stay the night.

And this is why I am on the computer @ 1 am.



Jun. 27th, 2007 07:12 pm
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This second dream contains some rather disturbing and even disgusting images. If you're looking for material for a horror novel, feel free to borrow.

Three-part creepiness )


Jun. 26th, 2007 06:45 pm
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Over the past month or so, I have had three vivid and weird dreams. I was way too busy to write them up at the time, so here goes:

Blue and Purple Flames and Smoke )
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Last night I dreamed that I was living and working in a futuristic society. Not Star Trek advanced or sophisticated, just a little more advanced than what we currently have. I dreamed that I was working in a facility that resembled a hospital, or maybe a hospice or institution. Wherever it was, I think I was living in the same facility that I was working[1].

Anyway, I made and implemented a decision that went against the rules and regulations of where I was working. I don't remember what the decision was, only that it invovled a crisis of conscience. Unfortunately, the rule that I broke also incurred the legal penalty of death. However, due to the circumstances, my previous spotless record, the fact that I committed the crime out of conscience, and (I think) the fact that there was some further obligation that I had to fulfill which meant that I could not die immediately, I was given the choice to design my own punishment. Or in effect, my own death.

I should insert here that the state executioner, whom I was to meet in the futher course of this narrative, was an extremely likeable guy, who looked a lot like someone I work with[2], and who had been trained to execute people in a variety of ways, usually just by using brute force. Think of the Monk Anji from Rurouni Kenshin if you want a picture of what he could do with his bare hands.

Anyway, the punishment that I chose was that I would live for the next 20 years[3], living and working in the same job as before[4], but at five year intervals the executioner would come to visit me. Each time, he would strike me on the temple, using his trained ability to kill a quarter of my brain cells. In addition, during the time I was unconscious following the strike, he would take off either a hand or foot. At the end of 20 years, when he came the fourth time, he would kill all my remaining brain cells (sending me into a deep coma and take my last appendage. Then he would cut my throat[5].

Anyway, I spent the next 15 years or so more or less without incident. Whenever the executioner came to see me, I submitted to the punishment without complaint. In fact, we grew fond of each other, and would spend time just chatting. I was given prostheses to wear when he chopped my feet off, otherwise, everything continued pretty normally, except that after each punishment, my intellect dropped further and further, until I was only capable of simple tasks.

Finally, the day came for the last punishment. I was doing my daily round of tasks when the executioner came up behind me and hugged me. I knew what that meant, and I just froze. My brain by this time had regressed into something of a childlike state, and this time, for the first time, I burst into tears, simply crying, "I am afraid! I am afraid to die!" The executioner turned me around and held me until I stopped crying. Then he dried my eyes for me, took my head tenderly in his hands, and delivered the final blow.

I woke up crying.

[1] In my dream, this was not an unusual thing. In fact, it seemed to be the more common arrangement, which was one thing that made me think it was a different sort of society from what we have now.
[2] No, I don't suspect him of anything remotely like this dream, actually we are pretty good friends, ironically.
[3] In order to fulfill the abovementioned obligation.
[4] This was another artifact of the different society that I was living in, that you were, in effect, indentured in your job and barring extreme illness, would continue to carry out your tasks no matter what.
[5] Yeah, it sounds crazy to me, too. I can only assume that my other options were *worse*, or else I was acting as some kind of Ghandi--disobeying a law I disagreed with, but then submitting to full punishment because the law was the law. Or something. Or maybe I was just crazy.
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Last night I had this very weird dream.

I dreamt that [profile] hoya99, my parents, and & had somehow gone back in time (to what I'm guessing was the 30's). Somehow, when we ended up at the destination, I ended up pregnant. Of course, the 30's being what they were, it was socially unacceptable for me to be unwed and pregnant, so I had to give my baby up for adoption. (It was a boy.) I remember a vividly emotional scene in a restaurant with [profile] hoya99, myself, my parents and the adopting couple. I was holding my baby in my arms and crying my eyes out at having to give him up. I made one request to the couple, that they name the baby John. It wasn't until I woke up that I realized just *who* the adopting couple were. Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy.

Yes, folks, in my dream, I had just given birth to JFK. Oh, and to add to the weirdness, there were strawberries involved somehow. I haven't figured out the strawberries yet.
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So y'all know that I have weird dreams. Well, last night I had one that was so weird it took the cake, I think.

you were warned )
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Just woke up from a strange dream in which I was talking to grass. Apparently I wanted to find out what kind of fertilizer was being used, so I thought I'd get straight to the source. And the grass was about to answer me, too, just before I woke up. Now I guess I'll never know.

I do talk to things, usually my car or computer, and I talk to animals, but I have never caught myself talking to grass. Thank goodness it was a dream, or else I would have to think I had finally lost it. *grin*
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Last night I dreamt I was on a college campus and I saw Penn & Teller. And when I got home and told my parents, they didn't believe me.

details )
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Last night I dreamed that I went to work...

Stop sniggering, it's not *that* kind of dream. *wink*

I went to work and I found this piece of paper on my desk. It said that, due to increased volume, everyone was being assigned to different shifts, in order to spread the load out. Since there are only three people in the QC department, my shift was going to be 5 pm - 5 am (or something like that). Effective immediately.

Now, normally, I don't verify anything except for Micro tests, which are maybe 1/100th of the total volume of samples. Which meant that, in the next 24 hrs I would have to learn everything there was to know about verifying the *rest* of the tests that we do. Oh, and move my sleep schedule around, of course, because I would be working during the time I currently sleep. In 24 hours.

I remember thinking, "Hell, I *knew* this place was crazy, but now it's even crazier. What kind of crap is this? It's *impossible*." Or something to that effect.


Dec. 21st, 2005 07:07 am
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Last night I dreamed again.

My dad and I had gone out in the pickup to part of our property. With us were PeeWee (a guy my dad works with) and Lance (PeeWee's son). They had come over to my parents' place to pick up something that my dad had built for them. My dad drove over the hill and parked a way away from a stand of trees and we all got out. My dad, PeeWee, and Lance were all looking at a gully[1] that was eroded out of the hill and discussing what to do about it, because it was hard to see and might hurt someone if they came across it unexpectedly.

While they were doing that, I took a step or two towards the trees. It was like it is now, dead leaves, mostly bare branches, where the leaves had fallen, some pines and evergreen underbrush, grey sky. Suddenly I heard a brushy noise, as of some animal moving in the trees. I looked around, up, and down, trying to catch it, and suddenly I saw a long, lean, tawny shape jump from a high-up branch in one of the tall, big trees to a lower one.

I tensed immediately and tried to speak but my voice was gone. I started backing up, carefully probing the steep rocky terrain behind me with my feet, my eyes never leaving the trees. I swallowed and tried again "Dad...?" But my voice was still too low for him to hear. I took a deep breath and practically screamed "Dad!" This got his attention and he said "What?"

By this time I was back with the group, so I lowered my voice to more normal tones and said simply: "I saw a cougar in the trees over there." That got everyone's attention and they stared at the trees, but by this time the cougar was hiding in the underbrush. My dad said "Are you sure?" and I said "Yes, I saw it come down from the trees."

Just about as I stopped speaking we all heard the deep, scratchy, "rra-OOOW!" that is a cougar's voice. We all tensed. My dad said "Everyone, in the truck, NOW." None of us waited for him to stop talking. I hit the truck first, pulling open the passenger doors and swinging into the back seat. My dad went around to the driver's side while PeeWee jumped into the front and Lance into the bed of the truck. My dad closed his doors and put up the windows and just then Lance said "Look!"

We all swung back to look at the underbrush and we saw the front part of the cougar, looking directly at us. My dad spun the truck around as fast as it could go over the uncertain terrain, heading towards the track and home. This put the truck moving away from the cougar, prey flight behavior, but there was no help for that. Fortunately, it seemed to be rather small for an adult, a young cougar who was inexperienced with big, smelly, noisy things like pickup trucks. It made one half-hearted charge towards us and then stopped, probably because we were too far away for it to reach us by then.

We reached the house and all practically ran in to tell my mom about it. We were all standing around the kitchen, sipping drinks, and my mom asked why the cougar had acted the way it did. Hungry (and hunting) cougars can move lightning-fast, especially when they drop from trees, so why did it move so slowly? If it wasn't agressive, why move at all, and not stay where it was until we left? We would never have known it was there.

I asked "I wonder--is it the season for them to have cubs?" PeeWee and Lance blinked at me for a sec, then PeeWee said that yes, in fact, it was. And I replied "A young mama cougar." And both PeeWee and Lance nodded and my dad said "It fits. She had cubs in the underbrush."

And then my dad, Lance, and PeeWee had to get on with what they were doing and that is where the dream ended.


Oct. 30th, 2005 06:41 am
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Last night I had snippets of several dreams, which I present for whatever edification and amusement they may contain.

First dream: I was with [profile] hoya99, and we were driving somewhere. Then we were walking. I don't know if the car had broken down and/or run out of gas or not, but anyway. Then we had to cross a railroad track. When we were walking toward it, the track was clear, but I turned away and suddenly there was a train there. Boxcars, container cars. And when I turned to walk back and try and find another way around, the track twisted itself to block me in. So the only way out was across the tracks. In the dream the train was moving veeeeeeeeery sloooooooowly so we managed to roll across one track, wait, and roll across the other set without getting hurt. But on the other side of the tracks were a group of semi trucks that were performing the same sort of twisting, hairpin turns the train had been doing. So we had to roll under those as well. We made it, and that's where the dream ended. Mind you, IRL I wouldn't dare do either, *waaaaaaay* too dangerous!

Second dream: I was working in an office situation and somehow I had a smaller version of the Guardian of Tomorrow from Star Trek TOS in my office. It was sitting on the lower shelf of a TV cart and my boss and I were trying to get it to project pictures onto a TV screen located on the top of the cart.

Third dream: I was again in an office situation, might have been the same one, and I needed to borrow a scarf from one of my coworkers (IRL one of my real coworkers at Ana-Lab). She lent it to me and then when I was done I gave it back to her. Only I didn't give back the original scarf, but one that I had bought for her as a thank you. She was delighted with the new one and gave me back the original to keep in return. Oh, and the background for the pattern on the original scarf was white, with flower designs, and the background on the second scarf was black, with a really dramatic and colorful African design, FWIW.

Fourth dream: I was pushing a cart along a narrow corridor in one of those old stone buildings, like a 18th century penetentery or maybe a convent or church of some sort. Anyway, it was dark and chilly and dank and there were doors to the left and right. The cart was covered with all sorts of different items wrapped in cloths and as I passed a door I opened a flap in the door and put the item, whatever it was, inside, still wrapped. Behind me, a chorus of thanks followed me.
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So I awoke from a dream this morning. The images were scattered and hazy, and I'm trying to bring them into coherence.

I was up high somewhere. In a hotel or apartment complex. It was cold. And grey. I was in a room with a big plate glass window/door overlooking a balcony. Overlooking the sea. I went out onto the balcony. The top of the railing evidently served as a roof for the balcony below. It was wide, with shingles. It was covered in snow. I could feel the sting of cold moisture. I looked out on the sea and it was high. Too much rain; too much snow. Too cold. And still raining. I looked to my right, and there was another balcony with two people on it. They were watching me. I didn't want them to be watching me. Somehow I thought they were trying to find me.

I went inside. There was a passage of some sort. Back behind where guests don't normally go. I came out into a utility space. Pipes overhead, machinery. Tables. Maybe the laundry? I went down a few steps into the central area. I noticed something on the table, with the sheets. It was a body. I was still trying to figure that out when the two people from the balcony came in. I imagine they were going to put me beside the other body. Then I woke up.

Three weird news articles:

Female bats share partners with their mothers but don't commit incest.

The sounds of typing on a keyboard can be decoded to produce the letters typed.

A stable marriage makes a couple more financially prosperous and their children better off--and yes, this holds true for homosexual marriages as well!


Jun. 1st, 2005 10:43 am
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Weird dreams. Well, here's another one. It's not one I've had recently, but for some reason it came back to me the other day. Since I've had some bad ones lately, I offer this one as a balance. I have no idea what it means, if anything, though.

Colors of the Rainbow )
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Last night I woke up at about 3 am remembering what has to be one of the most disturbing dreams I've ever had.

Read more... )


Apr. 19th, 2005 06:20 am
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This morning I awoke from the following dream:

I and a group of friends were travelling somewhere for some reason. It was like a graduation or perhaps we were all recieving some sort of minor award or honor. Anyway, we were staying in this largish room with a whole bunch of beds (with curtains around them for privacy, and in the day you pull the curtains back and the beds double as things to sit on and chat and play games and whatnot). And we were having a great time hanging out, going out into this strange city for tours, trying strange food, whatever, until the last day. When we woke up, the sky was severly clouding over and by the time we got out to the place where the ceremony was to happen it was pouring. No, they didn't have a rain location, for some reason. And because it was raining not everyone showed up. Those of us who did were soon wet to the skin, despite our respective rain gear. The bad thing about that was that I had a whole bunch of thank you cards, notes, and letters, which I was keeping against my skin hoping to keep them dry and give them to certain people after the ceremony. Except that by the time the ceremony ended, they were just blank pieces of paper. And the fact that most of the people I was going to give them to never showed up because of the rain. And then those of us who were at the ceremony went back to the room we'd shared to find that all the windows had busted in by the rain and the wind and the room was soaked and water was on the floor and our belongings that hadn't been blown away by the storm were ruined by the water. All I had was the stuff I'd been carrying around in my duffle bag that was thankfully not that soaked. At this point, I woke up, and I remember the feeling of utter desolation I had in my dream. I mean, you people know how volatile I can be and how I'm sometimes ready to cry at the drop of a hat, but this time I was so devestated I couldn't even cry. Nothing I could say or do seemed to express in the slightest way how horrible everything was.

This is not the only recent dream I've had that's been disturbing. I've had a couple of other shorter, not as well defined ones. The first one I went out onto a porch at what was ostensibly my parents' place, early in the morning to smell the air, and then went inside and looked out through the window and realized that in the tree (the tree was dead, because it was still early spring, so lots of bare branches) just across the way there was the outline of a cougar, sitting up there. And me realizing how close I'd potentially come to being a victim of the big cat. The other involved a more fantastic scenario. All it consisted of was a big checker or chessboard, with half the squares being raised columns and the other half being shafts that led down to places I couldn't see. And the whole thing was made out of this metal/concrete/plastic, very harsh looking. And people in suits were walking around it, tearing up pieces of paper and throwing them into the shafts and I had the sense that they were ruining things that were very important, things that needed to be preserved, but I couldn't get to them to stop them, and besides, they wouldn't listen to me.
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"...there is someone who touches my life." (Les Miserables)
"...I've loved them all." (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

So, anyway, three snippets/postcards/whathaveyou from my life in the past few days:

#1: In The Lab )

#2: In The Mail )

#3: In My Dreams )


Feb. 8th, 2005 04:25 pm
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Had two very weird dreams the past two nights.

In the first, I was standing in a location approximating the living room of my parents' house in HS watching deer run through our backyard. Only, my parents' house is all one story and in my dream, I was watching from a second floor balcony of some type. Also, the deer were not deer, or at least not whitetails. Instead, they resembled minature elk. That is, they were the size of deer, but their frames were bulkier, their outlines that of elk, and their coats thicker and darker. And, where we usually have two or three deer come to our backyard at once and then they hang around for a few minutes, these deer were just running (not panicked, just running) *through* in a steady stream, from one corner of the backyard to the other, one or two every few minutes, for a total of about 30 or so during the period I remember. I felt like the Count from Sesame Street trying to count them, or else I was trying to count sheep but messed up somehow.

The second dream, last night, was weirdly like the beginning of a western novel. It was set out in scrub country, so I'm thinking northern Utah, maybe? There was this pioneer family, mother, father, and at least two kids, the elder daughter, age 11, and at least one younger brother. This family had been living in the area for a few years and they had a more recent neighbor, a bachelor, on the next parcel of land over, who was raising three boys. He and his boys had been living there for maybe a few months. I got the impression that the boys were not his own sons, but perhaps orphan brothers that he had adopted at one point. The two families were not really close, but neighborly. There might have been other families around, but located further off and not really a part of what followed.

Then there were the other two men, who had even more recently moved into the area, hard living rustler types who were too poor to buy much land, so they had a tiny scrawny plot down by the river. I forget exactly what happened, but the kids from the first two families, playing together, got onto these two rustlers' land and accidentally stumbled onto something, found out a secret, or accidentally took something of value and that made those two rustlers mad. And besides that, they had been very jealous of the two good properties. So the two rustlers (whom I am now going to call the villians) massacred all the adults and nearly killed the children too. I remember the 11-year-old girl, in particular, saw her mother die, violently and cruelly.

The children were saved because they had a hiding place and the villians didn't find them before someone else came. I think this fourth party, which consisted of at least a few men, was a teamster type or stagecoach or some other type of regular service to the little settlement. Anyway, they surprised the villians, who ran off and hid, and discovered the massacre and the children who had come out of hiding. They took the children into the next town with them and reported the massacre. But, since they hadn't witnessed anything, they took the villians' word that it had been an Indian attack. Unfortunately, there was no evidence to disprove it except the childrens' word. So the villians were able to claim the land that they had been coveting.

The children were divided up by the townspeople who were going to send them to different places where they could be cared for. The last thing I remember was the 11-year-old girl, who was the oldest survivor, going over to the oldest boy from the other family and making a pact with him, that when they grew up, the five of them were going to go back and take revenge on the villians and win back their families' land. It sounded like it would make a really good novel because I'm pretty sure that the girl and the other children managed to get their revenge, but at a price they didn't expect to pay.
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I had the bits and pieces of three dreams last night. I'm not quite sure what to make of them.

First Dream )

Second Dream )

Third Dream )

What do you think?


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