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On my way home tonight, I saw the full moon. That doesn't sound like much, I know. But full moons do mean a lot to me, in ways that I really don't talk about much. I suppose it would suprise and perhaps shock some people--my parents for one--but, even as the good little proper Catholic girl I used to be, I felt a great affinity for the moon, and this has not lessened with age. Not that I worship her, per se; I don't worship much of anything at the moment, but I still feel a pull, a bond there.

Naturally, I'm well aware that I'm far from the first or only woman to feel this way. But for me, especially when she is full, I call the moon MiLady, and I greet her like an old friend. Tonight she was spectacular, round and full and golden, hanging huge and luminous above the treetops, looking down half balefully, half playfully on the night scene.

It is under moons like this, I imagine, that fairies and wizards walk. And if the moon is female, then she has moods like every other woman. Tonight, I would imagine she is feeling mischevious, seductive, powerful. Tonight, even here in my apartment, surrounded by technology, I can imagine elves and spirits and witches coming alive in the dark streets of Kilgore. Tonight is a night of magic and wonder, and yes, a little frisson of fear. But even with the fear, I think I would like to meet a goblin by moonlight, tonight.

Of course, you know what music was playing in my head as I drove home.

Hello, Milady Moon. Tonight, you are Hecate, you are Titania. Well-met by moonlight, indeed.


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