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Since my three respondents on the pronunciation question came up with three different answers, I almost rest my case as is. Nevertheless:

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Okay, I think I agree with the people who say that doing this instructing thing this semester is probably a Bad Idea (tm). So that's the end of that idea. But, given a semester in which to prepare quizzes, tests, lecture notes, etc., in my spare time, is it doable next semster? Should I take that rain check?

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Aug. 16th, 2005 07:41 pm
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So I kinda have a job offer.

To teach an evening course in Chemistry for Health Sciences. At Kilgore College. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-9:30. Half lecture, half lab, each evening. This in addition to my other, regular job.


Can do it, with a little schedule shuffling. Will be tired, tho.
Extra money for trip to Japan[1].
Extra money, period.
Looks good on resume.


One week (!) to familiarize myself with their course and grading systems, prepare syllabi, prepare to teach.
Not having taught a lecture course before, period[2].
Depression [3] and resultant lack of self-confidence.
One week to prepare while still holding down other, full-time job.


Someone else is going to teach the course by default if I decide not to.
They don't seem too bent out of shape by the idea of me taking a rain check and doing this next semester.

Subpro (doing it next semster):

More time to prepare.


More time to pysche self out against doing it at all.
Not as much money for Japan, if any.
Possibility of not going to Japan at all, since trip will require two weeks.


Possibility of taking Japan trip during Spring Break for the first week.
They are willing to cover other week if this is the case.


Tired, stressed, depressed already. Exhaustion from extra work would increase all this.

Pro (sort of):

Don't want to be thought weak, a quitter, a failure, etc., if I don't do it.

Conclusion: Poll:

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[1] Yay!
[2] Have taught lab undergraduate courses where we had a manual laying everything out for us.
[3] Usual, yearly, sky-is-getting-dark-again, I-hate-waking-up-in-the-dark, depression. Has been lasting a number of weeks and has been pretty bad this time around. Is why I have not been around LJ much lately.


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